My name is Dale McDonald and I live in Northeast Ohio. I am a System Analyst/Web Developer by day and a photographer every minute in between. Enjoying Photography as a hobby for over eight years, I am now focusing my knowledge and creativity towards professional work.<br />
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I am a huge fan of digital SLR cameras and the flexibililty that the technology provides. I entered the Canon family a few years back and I am extremely happy with the performance of these cameras. Along with the technical skills that I have learned in digital photography, I am also quite knowledgeable in the digital software arena, AKA, digital darkroom. I use Canon's Digital Photo Professional and Adobe's Photoshop CS4 software applications to touch up and enhance photos (if needed).

Dale McDonald

    My name is Dale McDonald and I am a Professional Photographer located in Cleveland Ohio. I am a self taught, highly motivated and enthused photographer that not only loves to learn new techniques but also loves to share them as well. A student and a teacher, there is always something new to be learned. Just because you have a camera doesn’t make you a photographer. Photography is an art and a science and the key to being successful is to have a sense of balance between the two.